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[기타] The 21st Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice
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The 21st Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice

□ Internship Overview

  1.  * Period : 2018.1.2(Tue.) ~ 2018.2.21(Wed.) (8 weeks total, 35 days)
  2.  * Number of Recruits : 30 people
  3.  * Current Openings : Refer to the attached document (application form)
  4.  * Eligibility

    - Foreign undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in universities located in Seoul(exchange students are also eligible to apply)

    - Period of sojourn(visa) must be valid until February 21st 2018

 * Working Hours : Mon.~Fri. from 09:00 to 16:00 (1hr. lunch break)

 * Wage (including stipend for transportation, food, etc.) : 45,180 won per day

 * Major Events : Orientation(1.2), Meeting(1.12), Meeting(1.19), Seoul Field Trip(1.26),Volunteer Activity(2.2), Meeting(2.9), Closing Ceremony(2.21), etc.

※The above schedule is subject to change

□ Application and Selection Guide

* Document Screening

- Application Deadline : 2017.12.3(Sun.) 18:00

- Required Documents

* Application 1(required), Application 2(required), Certificate of Enrollment(required), Academic Transcript from Current University(required), TOPIK score(optional)

- How to Submit : Email submission of electronic files(hwp, doc, xls)

- Where to Submit :

- Screening Criteria : GPA, TOPIK score, etc.

- First Round Result Announcement : 2017.12.7(Thu.) 18:00 by email and mobile message

* Interview

- Period : 2017.12.11(Mon.) ~ 2017.12.15(Fri.)

- Process : Selected candidates will each visit the respective divisions(depts) on a scheduled day

* Final Result Announcement : 2017.12.21(Thu.) 18:00 (by email and mobile message)

※ Applicants that have passed the final round will be informed individually by email and mobile message. Interns may not be selected if there are no applicants qualified for a specific division or dept. For further information, send all inquiries to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Multiculturalism Division at 02-2133-5077.

2-1_21기_인턴십_신청양식_1_(Application_form_1).doc 3_부서리스트(Recruting_Divisions_List).hwp