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[Thesis]Thesis Submission Guide for Feb. 2019 Graduates
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<Thesis Submission Guide for Feb. 2019 Graduates (for foreigners)>
Graduate Students who are scheduled to graduate in February 2019 should refer to the following guidelines for submitting thesis.

1. Digital Thesis Submission
    - When: 2018. 12. 26.(Wed.) ~ 2019. 1. 8.(Tue.)

             (Office hour: Mon~Fri 09:00~17:00 / Until 20:00 on 2019. 1. 8.(Tue))

   - How: Go to the website ( -> Login and Submit

            (Use Yousei portal ID/PW)

   - File format: pdf only (other formats can cause errors.)

   - It is recommended to print thesis after approving of online submission.

   - Refer to the file attached (Guide to Online Thesis Submission Procedure.pdf).

2. Book thesis(hard-bound) submission
    - When: 2019. 1. 2.(Wed.) ~ 2019. 1. 4.(Fri.) (※ Be sure to keep the deadline)

   - Where: Exhibition Hall, 1F, Yonsei-Samsung Library

   - Number of copies: 4 Hard-bound thesis (both Master’s and Doctoral degree)
                             * One of the copies must have the thesis approval sheet signed by all members of the advisory committee. Others can have scanned page.
                             ** 5 copies are required for copyright disagree and Department of Law thesis

   - Required Documents

           ① License Agreement 1 copy (with the author’s signature)

           ② Submit Confirmation 1 copy (with the author’s signature and submit it to your graduate school office / for applicants who belongs to the general graduate school, submit it at the thesis submission office.)

             * Both can be printed out after online submission is confirmed.


For further questions regarding the thesis submission, please contact us.

Tel: 02-2123-4643/4644/6319 (9:10 AM ~ 5:00 PM, Mon to Fri)



* The writing format of the dissertation should be confirmed by referring to the dissertation notice on the homepage of the graduate school, or please inquire to your department office.

** Please refer to the link below for information on the dissertation writing system of Yonsei University Graduate School.

*** When submitting by deputy, please make your deputy bring your own identification card (student ID card is OK) and then visit the submission office.

**** After the online submission, verification may take some time. Please pay attention to schedule management so that you do not exceed book submission deadline!

***** If you are a doctoral degree recipients, it would be grateful if you could cooperate with the survey of the KRIVET for a new doctoral degree from Korea in the first half of 2019. (please refer follow link)


Guide_to_Online_Thesis_Submission_Procedure.pdf Graduate Thesis Submission Schedule(2018 Fall).hwp