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Department Introduction

Course Introduction

Seoul Campus Departments lists

College of Liberal Arts Name Contact E-mail
Departments Korean Language and Literature 02)2123-2265
Chinese Language and Literature 02)2123-2285
English Language and Literature 02)2123-2300
German Language and Literature 02)2123-2330
French Language and Literature 02)2123-2345
Russian Language and Literature 02)2123-2360
History 02)2123-2370
Philosophy 02)2123-2390
Library and Information Science 02)2123-2405
Psychology 02)2123-7503
Inter Programs Comparative Literature 02)2123-3239
Cognitive Science 02)2123-3240
Korean Studies 02)2123-4113
Language and Information 02)2123-4779
College of Commerce and Economics Name Contact E-mail
Departments Economics 02)2123-2465
Applied Statistics 02)2123-2535
School of Business Name Contact E-mail
Departments Business Administration 02)2123-6256
Inter Programs Technology and Business Administration 02)2123-4484
College of Science Name Contact E-mail
Departments Mathematics 02)2123-2580
Physics 02)2123-2605
Chemistry 02)2123-2630
Earth System Sciences(Earth System Sciences) 02)2123-2665
Earth System Sciences(Atmospheric Sciences) 02)2123-5680
Earth System Sciences(Astronomy) 02)2123-2680
Inter Programs Innovative Nanoscience and Nanomedicine 02)2123-3842
Contracts Optics and Photonics 02)2123-2605
College of Engineering Name Contact E-mail
Departments Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 02)2123-2750
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 02)2123-2765
Architecture & Architectural Engineering 02)2123-2780
Civil and Environmental Engineering 02)2123-4929
Mechanical Engineering 02)2123-2810
New Materials Science and Engineering 02)2123-2845
Information Engineering 02)2123-4010
Urban Planning Engineering 02)2123-2890
Computer Science 02)2123-2710
Inter Programs Information Storage Engineering 02)2123-3851
Science and Technology Policy 02)2123-5736
Climate Change Energy Engineering 02)2123-6593
Contracts Integrated Engineering 02)2123-5749
Defense Fusion Engineering 02)2123-6650
Convergence Technology & Management Engineering 02)2123-4805
Investment Information Engineering 02)2123-5720
Data Science for Semiconductor Manufacturing
College of Life Science and Biotechnology Name Contact E-mail
Departments Biology(Systems biology) 02)2123-2650
Biology(Biochemistry) 02)2123-2695
Biology(Biotechnology) 02)2123-2880
Inter Programs Biomaterial Science and Engineering 02)2123-3591
Integrated OMICS Biomedical science 02)2123-6590
College of Theology Name Contact E-mail
Departments Theology 02)2123-2898
College of Social Sciences Name Contact E-mail
Departments Political Science 02)2123-2940
Public Administration 02)2123-2955
Sociology 02)2123-2420
Cultural Anthropology 02)2123-6221
Media Communication 02)2123-2970
Inter Programs Area Studies 02)2123-4251
Culture & Gender Studies 02)2123-6221
Korean Unification Studies 02)2123-4891
Social Welfare Policy 02)2123-2920
(former) College of Law Name Contact E-mail
Departments Law 02)2123-2987
College of Music Name Contact E-mail
Departments Music 02)2123-3560
College of Human Ecology Name Contact E-mail
Departments Clothing and Textiles 02)2123-3100
Food and Nutrition 02)2123-3115
Interior Architecture & Built Environment 02)2123-3130
Child and Family Studies 02)2123-3145
Human Environment & Design 02)2123-3097
College of Sciences in Education Name Contact E-mail
Departments Education 02)2123-3170
Physical Education 02)2123-3185
Sport Industry Studies 02)2123-6190
College of Medicine Name Contact E-mail
Departments Medicine 02)2228-2033
Medical Sciences 02)2228-2037
Public Health 02)2228-1860
Integrative Medicine 02)2228-2033
Medical Device Industry 02)2019-5440
Inter Programs Biomedical Engineering 02)2228-1912
Speech Pathology 02)2228-3902
Medical Law & Ethics 02)2228-2530
Biostatistics and Computing 02)2228-2490
Nano Science and Technology 02)2228-2263
Science for Aging 02)2123-3122
Medical Humanities and Social Science 02)2228-2514
College of Dentistry Name Contact E-mail
Departments Dental 02)2228-3014
Applied Life Science 02)2228-3050
College of Nursing Name Contact E-mail
Departments Nursing 02)2228-3237
Graduate School Department Name Contact E-mail
Computational Science & Engineering 02)2123-6121
Inter Programs Name Contact E-mail
Innovative Nanoscience and Nanomedicine 02)2123-4747

International Campus Departments lists

College of Engineering Name Contact E-mail
Integrated Technology 032)749-5817
College of Medicine Name Contact E-mail
Inter Programs Pharmaceutical Medicine & Regulatory Science 032)749-4170
College of Pharmacy Name Contact E-mail
Departments Pharmacy 032)749-4103
Inter Programs Industrial Pharmaceutical Sciences 032)749-4103

Wonju Campus Departments lists

College of Humanities & Arts Name Contact E-mail
Departments Korean Language and Literature 033)760-2176
English Language and Literature 033)760-2177
History 033)760-2178
Philosophy 033)760-2179
Industrial Design Study 033)760-2967
Visual Communication Design 033)760-2924
Inter Programs Design Management 033)760-2745
College of Science of & Technology Name Contact E-mail
Departments Mathematics 033)760-2220
Physics 033)760-2207
Chemistry 033)760-2208
Applied Statistics 033)760-2220
Packaging 033)760-2208
Computer Science 033)760-2273
Biological Science and Technology 033)760-2290
College of Government & Business Name Contact E-mail
Departments Public Administration 033)760-2190
Economics 033)760-2187
International Relations 033)760-2192
Business Administration 033)760-2188
College of Health Sciences Name Contact E-mail
Departments Health Administration 033)760-2413
Environmental Engineering 033)760-2419
Biomedical Laboratory Science 033)760-2419
Physical Therapy 033)760-2427
Occupational Therapy 033)760-2450
Biomedical Engineering 033)760-2405
Radiation Convergence Engineering 033)760-2762
Contracts Health Policy and Management 033)760-2407
Wonju College of Medicine Name Contact E-mail
Departments Medicine 033)741-0215
Global medical Science 033)741-0215
Nursing 033)741-0385
Dental Hygiene 033)741-0215
Wellness and Healthy Aging 033)741-0215
Biostatistics 033)741-0215
Contracts Health Care 033)741-0215