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[등록] 2021-1st semester Tuition Refund [application form]
게시글 내용

*** If you want tuition refund, please fill in the attached form and submit it to Graduate School(Stimson Hall room 201). 

To prevent COVID-19, you may send the photo-scanned copy to via email.

[ the beginning of the semester = 2021.3.1. ]

등록금 반환기준

(Guidelines for Tuition Refund)

등록제도 운영에 관한 시행세칙에 근거하여 다음과 같은 기준으로 등록금을 반환한다.

(In accordance with the implementation rules and regulation on registration policy and management system, the tuition shall be refunded based on the guidelines stated below.)

1. 당해 학기(입학생의 경우 3월 1일 입학일을 말함. 이하 동일) 개시전에는 입학금 등을 포함한 납부 전액을 반환한다. (Before the beginning of the semester [or before the entrance date for the newly admitted students], the tuition shall be fully refunded.)

2. 3월1일(입학일) 이후에는 다음과 같이 반환하되, 입학금과 잡비는 반환하지 아니한다.

(From March 1st., tuition shall be refunded according to the date the application for tuition refund was filed. However, admission and miscellaneous fees shall not be refunded.)

반 환 사 유 발 생 일

(Applied Date for Refund)


(Refundable Amount)

~ 3. 15.(월)

등록금만 전액반환 (Full refund)

[입학금 및 잡비 제외]

3.16.(화) ~ 3. 31.(수)

6분의 5 (5/6 refund)

4. 1.(목) ~ 4. 30.(금)

3분의 2 (2/3 refund)

5.1.(토) ~ 5. 31.(월)

2분의 1 (1/2 refund)

6. 1.(화) 이후

반환 없음 (No refund)