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[장학] 2020-1st Semester COVID-19 Special Scholarship Application Guidelines(Final Extension)
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<2020-1st Semester COVID-19 Special Scholarship Application 

Guidelines(Final Extension)>

Yonsei University will provide the COVID-19 Special Scholarship for the 2020-1st (Spring) semester. Students should apply within the deadline and can use the scholarship to donate back to the university, which has been heavily impacted financially due to COVID-19, or as a mobile gift certificate for Yonsei University Co-op.

1. Application period: Feb.8, 2021 (Mon) 9:00amFeb.15, 2021 (Mon) 11:59pm


2. Eligibility: 2020-1st semester graduate students of Yonsei Graduate School who have not yet applied for 

                            the scholarship

※ Uneligible students: Expelled students, students who have dropped out

3. Scholarship types and amounts

a. COVID-19 Special Scholarship: 100,000 KRW per student

※ For those on leave of absence or have exceeded the number of required semesters, the scholarship amount will       be determined based on their tuition fee

b. COVID-19 Special Fees Scholarship (Refund of laboratory, practice, or studio fees): The amount will vary         depending on the affiliated department

※ Students can check their scholarship amount when applying online. If the scholarship amount is not shown on

      the screen, they are not eligible for laboratory, practice, or studio fee refunds. Students can contact their

      affiliated college for further inquires.

※ For students on leave of absence or who have exceeded the number of required semesters, the scholarship

      amount will be determined based on their tuition fee

※ Full-scholarship students are excluded from the COVID-19 Special Fees Scholarship. (They are still eligible to

      receive the 100,000 KRW COVID-19 Special Scholarship.)

4. How to apply

a. For each of the two scholarships, students can choose to receive the scholarship, donate to the

      university, or receive a mobile gift certificate from the Yonsei University Co-op

i. Donation: Use as a COVID-19 disaster relief fund (Scholarship payment processing and donation receipt to be


ii. Yonsei University Co-op mobile gift certificate can be used at all Yonsei Co-op stores on campus (including the

      student cafeteria and café Tres Bien) and the university online shopping mall (

b. When applying for a scholarship, students should enter a deposit account in their name (including students who

      have graduated)

c. If students choose to donate, they can request a donation receipt from the National Tax Service at the end of the

     year (2021 income year).

d. If students choose to receive the gift voucher, then they must enter their mobile phone number

e. International students who do not have a domestic account may select to delay the scholarship. They can receive

     the scholarship after they enter Korea and create a domestic account (Students should enter the reason for the

    delay, (e.g.) currently living abroad)

5. How to apply: Yonsei Portal Service ( → Academic Information System → Academic

                                    Management System → Log in → Scholarship → Apply for COVID-19 Special Scholarship


6. Schedule of scholarship payments: Scheduled to be paid by the end of February 2021 

 (Academic Information System → Check “Scholarship Application Result”)

7. Note

     a. If students do not apply within the application period, their scholarship will be automatically               

          processed as a donation.

      b. This Scholarship is for living expenses and academic incentives

8. Inquiries: Administrative office of each college/graduate school