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[장학] Samsung Dream Scholarship Application for 2021-Fall semester
게시글 내용

1. Eligibility

A. Students who are from a developing country. A developing country means a recipient country from the list of DAC

     (Development Assistance Committee)

B. Students from a poor family

C. Students with excellent academic performances

D. Students who are willing to return to their home country after finishing a study.

E. Those who have the qualities and growth potential as a next-generation global leader

F. However, overseas Koreans from developing countries on the DAC list are excluded from the selection process.

G. Even if online classes are held due to COVID-19, students who live in Korea and need study aid will be given priority.

2. Scholarship information: Tuition fee or support fee according to the student’s condition will be offered

3. Application document: You can choose either Korean or English version.

4. Application Deadline : 2021. 7. 15(THU), 17:00

5. It is not possible to apply directly to the Samsung foundation, and only documents submitted through the graduate 

    school will be considered.

6. Please check the attached documents


Please submit the application document to the Office of Academic Affairs or by e-mail listed below.

(Stimson Hall 2F, 02-2123-3234,

DAC List ODA Recipients for reporting 2021 flows.pdf Global Hope Scholarship Program Application Form(Graduate).doc 삼성꿈장학재단 글로벌 희망장학 신청서양식(대학원).hwp