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About Yonsei

Introduction to Graduate School

We cordially give warm greetings to Yonsei students and visitors!

We cordially give warm greetings to Yonsei students and visitors!

연세대학교 대학원장 Yonsei University was founded as the nation's first modern university in 1885 and was based upon the Christian principles of truth and freedom. Now, Yonsei University is the most prestigious private, and globalized university, in Korea. Yonsei has the most extensive international network of schools, with 672 partner institutions in 70 countries, and educates the largest number of international students among Korean universities.

Since the founding of Yonsei University Graduate School in 1950, over 10,000 doctoral degrees and 38,000 master's degrees in a variety of academic fields have been conferred on scholars and competent researchers, who have been achieving success in a wide range of career and industries worldwide.

Yonsei University Graduate School is committed to creating the best graduate programs and curricula by inspiring exceptional students with the current academic issues of the rapidly-changing world. Also, we always strive to attract bright young students who can accept the academic challenge. We hope that you can join with our distinguished professors and researchers at Yonsei University Graduate School and better equip yourself for the future.

We are waiting for you!

Woo Taek Kim

Dean of Graduate School Yonsei University