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[IGEE] Solution Lab Final Report 2018
글로벌사회공헌원 관리자
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The Final Report of a research funded by the Solution Lab 2018 has been published.

It was conducted by a research team led by Dr. Joon Sang Baek, an assistant professor at the Department of Human Environment and Design at Yonsei University.

His team searched solutions to tackle fine dust problem for children and suggested ideas for new products or services.

Please see the attached document for more information.

Solution Lab Final Report 2018

Solution for Fine Dust to Protect the Most Vulnerable Members of the Society: Children」

Written by: Cheol Min Park, Ji Yoon Jung, Kwan Pyo Kim, Dong Keun Yoon, Joon Sang Baek

DESIS Lab at Yonsei University

2018 Solution Lab_Final Outcome Report_Kor.pdf Fine Dust in Korea.jpg