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[IGEE] Towards Global Peace: Strengthening Youth’s Involvement in the Global Nuclear Dialogue
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The Institute for Global Engagement & Empowerment (IGEE), together with the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) and Yonsei University, held an event entitled "Towards Global Peace: Strengthening Youth’s Involvement in the Global Nuclear Dialogue" on May 31 at Yonsei University in Seoul. It served as a venue to promote understanding of non-proliferation and disarmament among youth and foster their active participation in the global nuclear agenda.

Around 80 people, most of whom were students, attended the event which consisted of three sessions, namely: Transforming Global Crises into Extraordinary Creative Opportunities for Dialogue and Engagement; Role of Youth in Denuclearization; and Introducing International Organizations in Vienna. Among the key speakers were the 8th UN Secretary-General and Honorary Chair of IGEE at Yonsei University Ban Ki-moon, CTBTO Executive Secretary Dr. Lassina Zerbo, 11th President of the Republic of Austria and Co-Chair of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens Heinz Fischer, and Ambassador and Chairperson of the Preparatory Commission for 2019 Shin Dong-ik. "Today, it is incredibly important for the next generation of leaders and students to keep their memories and advocacy alive. The world needs their skills, leadership, and commitment in promoting disarmament and non-proliferation," said Honorary Chair Ban.

Furthermore, the second session featured presentations and a panel discussion by: Ambassador Shin; Dr. Yim Man-sung, Professor of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST); Dr. Muhammad Qasim, CTBT Youth Group Member; Ms. Yujin Julia Jung, Researcher and PhD Student at University of Missouri; and Mr. Dong-hyeon Kim, Coordinator at Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University. 

The speakers discussed their own initiatives to strengthen the role of youth in global peace and security dialogue, introducing CTBT Youth Group activities as an example of engaging in such a discussion. In his presentation, Dr. Qasim explained the CTBT Youth Group's effort in organizing Peace Forums and Youth Conferences in an attempt to raise youth awareness on the CTBT conversations. Ms. Jung shared her research findings on how South Korean youth are more determined than any other generations in seeking peace and denuclearization, further asserting the importance of youth participation. For his part, Mr. Kim stressed that due to the rapid changes in North Korea's nuclear programs, it may bring rise to suggestions of inadvisable solutions such as unilateral nuclear armament of South Korea. Meanwhile, Ambassador Shin shared practical information and knowledge on working at international organizations.

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