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[IGEE] Preparing for Round 3: GEEF 2020 Preview
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After two successful years of hosting the Global Engagement & Empowerment Forum on Sustainable Development (GEEF), IGEE hosted GEEF 2020 Preview on May 31 at Yonsei University’s Historical Garden to present plans for the next forum which is scheduled to take place on February 26-27.

More than 60 people including representatives of the government of Korea, diplomatic corps, international organizations, businesses and academia took part in the event which opened with musical performances of the brass and percussion ensemble from Yonsei University’s College of Music, and its dean and renowned tenor Kang Moolim.

In his welcome speech, Yonsei University President and GEEF Organizing Committee Chair Kim Yong-Hak encouraged others to participate in GEEF and join the efforts to further the progress of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Kim said, “I am very delighted that we are here to not only celebrate the previous success of the past GEEF events but also provide an excellent opportunity to share and engage together towards a better future. Challenges exist and innovative and integrated solutions are the key to overcome.”

IGEE Honorary Chair Ban Ki-moon also emphasized the importance of partnerships to achieve the SDGs saying, “Although the SDGs played as a framework for every country to pursue greater progress, we still live in a reality where improvements are needed. ... We will need global concerted action and continuously work together to achieve a desirable future with social equity and sustainability.”

Former President of Austria Heinz Fischer who is also the Co-Chair of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens and Honorary Chair of the GEEF Organizing Committee said, “There is no doubt that this Forum creates sustainable synergies and brings the international community together to implement the Agenda 2030. The GEEF constitutes an important hub for cooperation and exchange of ideas, awareness raising and education.”

While presenting plans for GEEF 2020, IGEE Executive Director Sohn Myongsei showed areas where different organizations can participate:

-  Ambassador’ Roundtable:

A High Level Political Forum 2020 type session that is a discussion based on the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda and SDGs. It will provide an opportunity to share, discuss, and review each country’s achievement of the SDGs.

- Hosting Discussion Session:

With a theme related to one or more of the 17 SDGs, any organization can have the opportunity to host a session.

- Conducting Side Event:

A good opportunity to utilize GEEF as an effective promotional channel to the public. Previous side events include the UNFPA Seoul Office Opening Ceremony, SDG Goal 5 Advocacy Ceremony, and the MOU signing ceremonies with various partners.

In addition to previewing GEEF 2020, IGEE also acknowledged two partners that contributed to the success of GEEF 2018 and 2019.  Kim Yong-Hak and Ban Ki-moon presented awards of appreciation to Leo Suh, President of Samsonite Korea, and Demitris Psillakis, Chairperson of the European Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ECCK) and President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Korea.

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