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[Ban Ki-moon Center for International Cooperation] SDGs based research institutions and publications in Yonsei University
글로벌사회공헌원 관리자
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Ban Ki-moon Center for Sustainable Development has categorized the research-related information in Yonsei University based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

The categorization is implemented for assembling the baseline data for SDGs Report of Yonsei University. 

It will be a significant resource for overviewing the trend of SDGs related activities in Yonsei University.

< Research Project Proportion (according to SDGs) >

* Research projects with 'N/A' is not included into the data.

           ** List and amount of fund for the Research Projects is classified.

                                                                                                        *** Categorization is implemented through referencing the information provided by Office of Research Affairs,  UN official website.

  Additional attachment. 1. Research Institutions list (according to SDGs)

                                                   2. Publications list (according to SDGs)

SDGs별 연구기관 분류 (Research Institute_SDGs categorization)_글로벌사회공헌원.xlsx SDGs별 Publication 분류 (Publication_SDGs categorization)_글로벌사회공헌원.xlsx 로고 썸네일 작은버전.png